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A different nose, face-lifting, tighter breasts or liposuction – all these cosmetic surgeries are medically unnecessary. Both as a health insurance patient and as a private patient, you must pay for such interventions yourself. Such an operation costs several thousand USD. The health insurance companies cover the costs only if the psychological burden is too great or if the cosmetic surgery is necessary due to an accident.

If you have suffered an accident, the costs for the operation can be covered by the accident insurance. A credit for the beauty surgery can be granted by the clinic. They are then tied to the cooperating bank. Cheaper can be a loan with a direct bank. You can find such loans onlin

To inform credit comparison on the Internet to compare the interest rates on direct bank loans.

To inform credit comparison on the Internet to compare the interest rates on direct bank loans.

If the doctor offers you financing, you can compare the terms of this loan with the terms of other loans. One advantage of financing through the clinic is discretion. The bank of the clinic checks your creditworthiness and collects information about you from Credit bureau. The loan is transferred by the bank directly to the clinic, if all conditions are met.

A disadvantage of the financing over the clinic are the very short terms of such loans. The term is six months or one year. A high credit, for example, for a breast correction or abdominal wall plastic, is therefore associated with high rates.

The financial burden can be quite high. In individual cases, an extension of the repayment term can be agreed. You should think carefully about how much you can pay the installments.

There must still be enough money for the cost of living and for unforeseen expenses. With the financial calculator you can calculate the amount of the installments.

Credit approval is granted quickly. This credit line is a framework that is given to your checking account, with which you can cover the checking account. The repayment of the utilized credit line is flexible.

If money enters your checking account, the loan is repaid. If you would like to finance a beauty surgery with your credit line, you should not yet use the credit line for other expenses. It is then difficult to pay off the credit line. A disadvantage of an emergency loan is the very high interest rates.

You pay interest only on the amount you actually used. With a credit line, the rates are significantly higher than the installment loan. Disadvantageous is the compound interest. The bank calculates the debit interest at the end of the quarter and adds it up.

The debit interest is then also interest. If you use your credit line for a beauty surgery, in many cases you can pay for the operation by credit card. The use of an emergency loan is only useful in cosmetic surgery with small amounts.

If it is an expensive operation, the credit line is not sufficient. Since you do not know exactly how much the cost of your operation actually is, you can apply for a disposition reserve at your bank instead of a credit line.

This will be cheaper than a credit line. You do not need to prove that you have a purpose with the bank for a credit limit.

Credit unfavorable, it will be difficult to obtain a loan.

Credit unfavorable, it will be difficult to obtain a loan.

If you do not want to give up your operation, you should apply for the loan with a longer term. The interest rates are then higher, because the money is tied for a long time.

Many banks charge interest rates depending on the creditworthiness of their customers. Such a loan can be cheaper if another person signs the credit application or vouches for you.

If you have a negative Credit bureau entry, you have no chance of obtaining a loan from the banks in Germany. However, you can get a loan from a foreign bank through intermediaries.

These banks, which are based in Luxembourg or in Switzerland, have different terms and conditions than in Germany. These banks also require various collateral, such as a proof of income or a certificate from the employer.

If a loan is granted, your bank will not find out about it, Credit bureau will not be informed.
With a negative Credit bureau entry, you can only get a small loan.

Depending on your credit rating, you can only claim such a loan up to a maximum of 5,000 USD. Such loans from foreign banks are often characterized by high interest rates.

Reputable credit intermediaries only charge a fee if the loan is actually granted. You should consider carefully whether you want to claim such a loan and if there are no other ways to finance the operation.

Individuals willing to lend to individuals have joined forces there. You receive interest for this. Since these individuals want to earn something, the interest you pay may be higher than a normal bank loan.

You should also use the comparison on the Internet to find the cheapest institute.

You should also use the comparison on the Internet to find the cheapest institute.

You can apply for a private loan online. You have to describe how much you want to borrow and what term you are thinking. The downside is that you need to describe as accurately as possible the purpose for which you want to use the loan.

You should also specify the exact reasons for this operation. A detailed description of the operation helps individuals decide to grant you a loan.

Even if the credit rating is unfavorable, you can apply for such a loan. If the loan application is accepted, you will need to submit documents to verify the credit rating. The interest rates are determined depending on the credit rating.

If all conditions are met, you will receive the loan within a few days.
The individuals who are willing to grant a loan will pay into a fund from which you will get the loan. The private lenders are therefore relatively sure that it does not come to defaults.